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Work Experience

Work Experience

Work Experience is one of the most significant areas where we ensure that our club activities are designed in such a way that it helps students to develop certain career specific skills which helps them in their future careers. Therefore institutionalisation of work-centred education as integrated part of the school curriculum from the pre-primary to the +2 stage is expected to lay the necessary foundation for reconceptualising and reconstructing vocational education to meet the challenges of globalised economy.
Learning by doing

 Activity and sports clubs add a spark to education. Students decide what clubs they would like to join. Their talent is further honed through creative activities carried out each week.

Our Earth our responsibility

 Each little hand sharing the responsibility of a green world has brought a change in creating awareness about a green planet through rallies, street plays, poster and slogan writing competitions etc. Van Mahaotsav is a grave responsibility on their shoulders. Projects, models and innovative ideas to save our resources find ample display in the school premises. The Eco club organizes activities to support this mission and creating compost pits.
Spirit of share and care (Savera)
Our students are groomed to serve with “Savera”, our bridge school. They celebrate festivals, birthdays and occasions together. Each year, the number of students from the underprivileged section rises. Community outreach programme enables our students to visit old age homes, SOS, Khushboo a school for special children and get sensitized to the noble virtual of care.
Diversity instills unity
Respect for all learners creates a harmonious environment in the school where students from all stratas of society form a homogenous group. Cultures, traditions and different religions are embraced with equanimity.

 ‘Admirable Archives’ is the annual school magazine. It is compiled designed and edited by the Editorial board. The cover and the back page is always the classic art work of our students. The quarterly newsletter is totally managed by the students. The photographs are also clicked and selected by the students.