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Academics:Our Commitment is to educate a pupil in mind, body and soul. Modern methodologies are employed to facilitate learning. Teachers follow a set curriculum, which shapes and integrates learning. Pupils are helped in developing linguistic intelligence through creative writing, public speaking etc.

Curriculum: To nurture the students as global learners, the Academic programme of the school is based on curricula drawn from the HBSE. It is constituted in three stages: Primary, Middle and Senior Secondary. The system of CCE and formative and summative assessment, followed throughout, leads to seamless, progressive and continuous education.

Teaching Methods:The curriculum for the primary students is carefully designed so that the students actively participate in the teaching-learning process rather than doing role-learning. Teachers show pictures, animations and presentations to the students to make learning easy and interesting. It generates the interest of the learners and they get involved in the discussions. To help the students to grasp the concepts, teachers not only the explain the texts of the books but use models, pictures and class room activities so that the students would get a clear understanding of the topics. Students are given every opportunity to interact and discuss rather than doing passive learning. Chapters are supported by worksheets and activities to evaluate the understanding of the students.

Activities:Every child has inborn qualities which can be developed by giving them suitable opportunities. Students of the primary branch get ample chances to showcase their talents through various functions, competitions, morning assemblies etc. Students get chance to participate in debates, recitation, speech, extempore etc. which help them to improve their speaking skills and give them a chance to become a winner. Apart from these co-curricular activities, various sports activities are also organized for the students. Students get training from coaches and get a chance to excel in the field of sports.

Assessment:The students in the primary branch are evaluated with the pattern which includes unit test taken at regular intervals, activities and projects done by the students. Apart from the unit test, various parameters are set by the teachers to evaluate the students. These parameters are according to the subjects to be evaluated such as reading, recitation, smart board activity, tables etc. Overall, it is the collective effort of the management and faculty of the primary branch to prepare the students to become hardworking intelligent and socially aware individuals who get success in various field in future.
This formative phase decides the professional life of a student. There are thousands of questions in the mind of students. Therefore the Academic programme is customized in a way to facilitate not just textbook learning but also to enable students to get familiar with the world outside. At Blue Bells Model School we believe that education implies every phase of the process by which it seeks to develop socially significant abilities and characteristics in its students. The faculty is well geared in their planning and management to help students strike a perfect cord between academics and co-curricular activities.Excellence in Education and Commitment to a meaningful Education are of prime importance. Quality education is provided to each and every child.

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